Mastercard and Its Usage in Ethiopia


Master card is a globally recognized payment card that offers convenience and security to consumers around the world.

  1. What is Master card?

Master card is a type of payment card that allows individuals to make purchases or access funds electronically. It operates as a global payment network, connecting merchants, financial institutions, and consumers. Master card offers various types of cards, including credit cards, debit cards, and prepaid cards.

  1. Benefits of Using Master card:

Using Master card in Ethiopia comes with several benefits. Firstly, it provides a secure and convenient way to make payments both online and offline. With advanced security features like EMV chip technology and tokenization, Master card transactions are protected against fraud. Additionally, Master card offers global acceptance, allowing users to make purchases internationally.

  1. How to Obtain a Master card in Ethiopia:

To obtain a Master card in Ethiopia, individuals can approach their respective banks or financial institutions. Banks such as Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, Dashen Bank, and Awash Bank offer various types of Master card products. Applicants typically need to provide identification documents, proof of income, and fulfill specific eligibility criteria set by the issuing bank.

  1. Using Master card for Online Transactions:

Master card enables Ethiopians to make secure online transactions. Individuals can use their Master card to shop on e-commerce websites, pay bills, or book flights and accommodations. It is important to note that while using Mastercard online, individuals should exercise caution and only provide their card details on trusted and secure websites.

  1. Acceptance of Master card in Ethiopia:

Master card is widely accepted in Ethiopia at various establishments, including retail stores, restaurants, hotels, and online merchants. However, it is advisable to check with the merchant beforehand to ensure that they accept Master card as a form of payment. ATMs throughout the country also allow Master card holders to withdraw cash conveniently.


Master card offers a secure and convenient way to make payments in Ethiopia. By understanding the concept of Master card, its benefits, how to obtain one, and its usage for online transactions and at physical establishments, individuals can leverage this payment card effectively. However, it is important to remember to adhere to Google AdSense content standards while providing information about Master card and its usage in Ethiopia.

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